Personalised Expert Care for patients with Heart Disease

Dr Shahid Aziz

Consultant Cardiologist MBChB BSc MD MRCP

Over 14 years experience as a Consultant Cardiologist working in Bristol UK. 

How May I Help You?

Medical Problems Most Commonly Treated


Chest Pain

Diagnosis and management of ischaemic heart disease including coronary angiography and angioplasty. Post myocardial infarction care.


Breathlessness, High Blood Pressure

Diagnosis and management of heart failure including valve disease and cardiomyopathy (inherited heart disease). Management of difficult to control hypertension.


Heart Rhythm Abnormalities, Syncope

Diagnosis and management of palpitations including atrial fibrillation,SVT, VT and cardiac causes of loss of consciousness.

Work With Me

I believe that good communication is the key to developing trust at all stages of care and that patients are at the centre of every decision.